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Thread: Serious USB 2.0 Problem

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    Serious USB 2.0 Problem

    This problem has given me so much trouble I decided to start with a fresh install of XP SP2.

    **The Problem**

    I recently purchased a Netgear WG111T USB 2 Wifi Dongle and a MSI 1.5GB USB 2.0 mini Drive

    until I started using these USB2.0 was not an issue on my Trigem Kloss Pentium 915 chipset SFF PC, I did have a USB1.1 wireless keyboard with built in mouse from the start but then its not a 2.0 device so I didnt have a problem.

    When I connected both the MSI and Netgear USB 2.0 Devices I get the message from windows these devices can work faster, so I paid a visit to my bios and found USB turned off, and Turned it on, enabling all 8 ports at Highspeed (480Mps) there is also an option for 12Mps.

    Now when I reboot windows everything works fine for like 5-10 mins and then total lock up.

    If I restart windows the system gets just passed the XP splash screen then hangs.

    if I restart XP and pull all USB 2.0 devices or disable USB2.0 in the bios everything is fine again.

    So the problem is I just cant use USB2.0 Devices at USB 2.0 speeds without my system locking up eventually
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    Sounds like a faulty USB controller to me. Can you try a USB2 card at all?
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    Do you have SP2, I remember hearing somwhere that SP1 sometimes has problems with USB2.

    Also do you unplug everything from the USB connections when booting. Maybe the USB2 controllers need to be installed before things are plugged in.

    Thirdly, turn off USB2 and load windows, then get the latest chipset drivers and install them. Once installed try turning USB2 back on to see if this works.

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