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Thread: Good solution for me?

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    Good solution for me?

    Hello guys,

    i am looking into buying a Dell Inspiron 9300. Since i will write it off as a bizz expense i will need to keep it for 3 years, i use to be a hardware crack (watercooled dual xeons, vapochills etc..) and thats why i still have these itches in my fingers ;-)

    I do play a lot of Diablo 2, some Counter Strike and go to lans. This is the options i have selected.

    1.86GHz Centrino <--to what desktop P4 does this relate too?
    1024MB DDR2 (533MHz)
    WUXGA display (want to play RON at 1280x1024)
    60GIG HD (7200rpm)
    256MB GeForce 6800Go.

    Will this laptop be fine enough to play some HL2, Doom3, Diablo2 (i am sure about this one) ?

    The only thing that itches me is the 6800Ultra in the X2, but the price difference is huge. Can i upgrade the video card later (=module based?)



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    If you do intend on playing FPS on a laptop, make sure you get a good external mouse.
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