I currently use a Dell Latitude D600 with a docking station to hook up my 2x 20" TFT screens and run Windows XP Pro 32-bit with a 3200x1200 desktop.

I was wondering if there are any laptops that have an AMD64 CPU and have this same option?
(I intend to run Windows XP Pro x64 Edition and possibly play with the 64-bit version of Windows Vista on it.)

I took a peek at the Acer Aspire and Ferrari (ick!) range, but they seem to suggest any multi-monitor output is for mirrored displays (i.e. for projectors or big screen presentations) from what I can tell?

If the laptop screen has a decent enough resolution, then connecting one of the screens to a VGA/DVI port for multi-monitor support would work too.

Is there such a thing in existence?