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Thread: Price Check and question about SATA HDD's.

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    Price Check and question about SATA HDD's.


    having taken the plunge and gone for a asrock dual 939 uli board and a xp 3000 venice and asaka cooler, whats this lot worth:

    abit nf7s v.2 mobo
    Athlon XP2500 Barton unlocked core
    2 x 256 meg dual channel twinmos winbond dual channel kit ram
    aero 7 lite cooling fan

    would asking £100 be to much? never been o/clocked!

    also, i have currently a 40 gig ata133 hdd for my o/s and a 160 gig sata drive for my storage.

    would changing my 40 gig to a sata to match my one now improve speed via raiding it up, or add a sata2 drive for the o/s and have my sata 1 for storage make a difference to?

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    SATA2 drives might be faster than ordinary SATA drives because of the drive itself, not the connection - to my knowledge, hard drives are still not limited by the speeds of PATA connections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_w
    SATA2 drives
    ...don't exist. There's no such thing as a SATA drive. You can get SATA 3Gbps drives and chipsets, but again it's the same situation where the channel speed isn't really saturated by the drive.

    Native command queuing support is probably the best reason to get a SATA drive, if the drive and your SATA chipset support it.
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