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Thread: toodles epox/hello msi

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    toodles epox/hello msi

    had the epox nf4 ultra
    bios for raid wacko
    rma ed it

    looking at abit asus gigabyte and now msi
    problems abit otes may suck and get hot /pricey
    asus ?no reviews nb fan probs
    gigabyte no mosfet heatsinks hot

    msi gets super reviews
    ive already got all the other components
    2x 36gb raptors
    enermax atx2 485w

    will this tccd ram be o.k? with the neo4

    how do you owners like this board?
    patriot llk ddr400 @2.7v

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    TCCD ram depends on the AMD chip - memory controller built in and all. They should be fine with what ever core design you throw at them, but the only other factor would be the ram power feed from the motherboard. You shouldn't have any worries so long as you have options to go to 3v (2.8 for stock).

    MSI boards (since I've seen one catch fire), I have tended to stay away from, but I too have heard excellent reviews on their stock performance - the DFI Ultra SLi NF4 thingy board is the best for any overclocking (and somthing like 4v on the memory). Hope it goes well for you

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