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Thread: Media storage unit needed

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    Media storage unit needed

    Seeing as I am getting myself a Mac Mini and it does not look like you can link a Mac to the new Xbox 360 I need to find myself an very very cheap PC that can serve as a store for my media. I am looking to spend less than £50. Does anyone know of a place where I can get something like this from?

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    Linksys NSLU2 - costs under £60 from Amazon but you will need a USB disk (or USB disk adapter/caddy if you have a spare disk lying around). Its a network storage device but doesn't need proprietary client software... (uses samba)

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    Hmmm ... not sure that would work. Depends on how the XBOX goes about pulling media off clients. Being Microsoft (i.e. monopolistic) it looks like they've got some Windows specific software going, rather than just using normal shares.

    Probably won't be long before someone comes along with some working open source code though - might want to wait a bit?

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