OK I got an MSI 694D Pro motherboard. I cannot get the Promise chip to work so I can use ATA 100 instead of ATA 66. When I went to install Windows XP I pressed F6 and stuck in the driver diskette, only had the Windows 2000 driver but it was supposed to work. I had my two hard drives on the ATA 100 controller.

Setup could not find any Hard Drives to install to. (My CD ROMs were on the normal IDE channel)

I turned off, stuck the Hard Disks onto the 66 controller. Installed XP Pr. Booted in, I had an unkown RAID controller. I used the disk to install the drvers. Rebooted. It now comes up the device has trouble starting.

In the documentation, it said I can install 2000 then install the RAID driver and swap the Win2K boot hard disk onto the ATA 100 and it should work.

After a lot of faffing, I used the Fast Trak to set up an Array (although I didn't use it). Set it to mirror. Win XP started to boot (got loading screen) then BSOD and 1/2 sec later reboot.

Seems to be a driver issue, any ideas/help? I'd prefer to use the ATA 100 for obvious reasons!