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Thread: DFI Infinity NF4 SLI

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    DFI Infinity NF4 SLI

    This looks to be a new cut-down version of the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR and Ultra-D motherboards.

    Reviews here:
    and here:

    Looks like a great overclocking Nforce4 board, for those of us who don't want to spend £100+ on their motherboard. You don't get the fancy bundle and brightly coloured components that you would get with the lanparty boards, but it seems you do get the overclocking performance.

    Only issue I can see is the poor chipset fan, reminiscent of the A8N-SLI. But there looks like there's plenty of space to swap it for an aftermarket passive heatsink, on the SLI version anyway.

    Here's hoping these boards will be available soon.

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    I understand that they didn't want to make it fancy - but did they really need to make it so UGLY?

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