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Thread: RAID 0+1 should I use this config??

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    RAID 0+1 should I use this config??

    I have 2 x 74g RAPTORS, and 2 X 80g IDE's

    To get the best performance for gaming, ect. Should I set up my Array as 0+1 with the Raptors striped and the IDE's for the mirroring?


    I must admit the above is what I would like to do, but am a bit of a newbie and nver RAIDED before. Would this config be possible with my ASRock Upgrade VM800, it has two SATA slots and and can have up to 4 IDE's.

    Would I use the BIOS built in hardware RAID software to configure?

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    I don't think that mobo will do IDE RAID.

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      • Asus Strix Z370-G
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      • Storage:
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      • Graphics card(s):
      • EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0
      • PSU:
      • EVGA G3 750W
      • Case:
      • Fractal Design Define C Mini
      • Operating System:
      • Windows 10 Pro
      • Monitor(s):
      • Asus MG279Q
      • Internet:
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    have two seperate arrays, raid0 on the raptors and raid1 on the ide's, the raptors will serve as system disks and the ide's for data, although 80gb of storeage isn't much to write home about. yea, USE the RAID BIOS to build the arrays, (this of course assuming the motherboard has RAID support for IDE controllers, not many do these days).
    Although you can pick up an IDE RAID controller card for pretty cheap.
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    I'd recommend setting up one of 2 ways:

    Raid 1 (2 x 80's) for O/S
    Raid 0 (2 x raptops) for Games/data


    Single Raptor for O/S
    Raid 0 (2 x 80's) for Apps/Games/Data
    Single Raptor as a Temp Drive / Scratch Disc

    the 2nd method is preffered by myself as i do a lotta encoding/extracting/compressing.. and the makes the temp drive essential.. Also, note, I have tried having the raptors on raid 0 for O/S.. honestly not worth it.. very lil' performance boost, seemed more negative in fact.

    Im currently using as:

    2 x 74gb raptors in raid 1 for O/S
    Huge raid 5 for Data
    couple of raid 0's for data/apps
    and Raptor Raid 0 for Temp/Scratch..

    performs like a beast

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    oh, btw.. i DEFINATELY recommend against 0+1 if they're not all the same.. it'll cripple the raptors

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