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Thread: What do you look for in a case?

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    imho I think you need to look for novel solutions to problems that occur to a builder and look at how that fits in with ^^

    For example anyone can copy a standard atx case layout but perhaps one with a novel cooling solution such a ducting would be good. Cables are always a massive issue so how about incorporating a cable tidy system in the design. What about a hinged side door which operates an internal light when opened as oposed to teh usual slide door.

    Installing drives and optical drives is a real pain - i'd love to see a proper modular easy to use design for that. Perhaps a themed or topical case would be fun.

    I reckon experimenting with a different atx layout could pay off.

    Think about how this case would be manufactured in the real world. Ease of manufacture is a real issue as time = money. why not use allen key bolts instead of screws for the design (so a single tool is needed to build the entire case and install bits) hell sell it as a flat pack DIY case. One tool to build it plus instrucions. Ikea do this and they've made billions. (actuall thats a bloody good idea!) - no labour to build it and lower shipping costs. a holder on the inside of the case for the tool(s) you need to tinker.
    fancy and a little expensive but thats a customisable feature.

    Can it be transported easily for lan parties.
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    Hah, Techno, I bet you have a flash looking but noisy and hot case, they will probably blow up sometime soon...

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    Wow, I'm loving the ideas.. some area really doable while others.. really arent. As herulach mentioned, the rails might be a problem. I have the suspended extra HD bay jobbie lying around from my Akasa Eclipse-62 case, I could just throw that in if I come stuck, only room for two drives though I believe

    Keep the ideas and votes coming!

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    Well to it's meant to be your research so you learn something from it Places you might want to start include things like the gov. health and safety executive, your local council, do some searches on UK and EU radio interference regulations, check out some amatuer radio sites etc. And write to people! Most people are really helpful about that sort of thing.

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