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Thread: Upgrade from 6600GT SLI to 7800?

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    Upgrade from 6600GT SLI to 7800?

    Hi all

    Well I currently run two 6600GTs in SLI but im annoyed that I cant run FEAR at maxed out setting(!) so im thinking that an upgrade may be in order. I've got an AMD 4000+ with 2Gb of memory and my 19" panel runs at native 1280x1024. Im thinking that a 7800GT would fit the bill as opposed to a 7800GTX as I cant run at higher resolutions than the above. Does that sound reasonable? A 7800GT should last me a little while right?
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    A 7800 will certainly last you a while, but if you are specifically talking about FEAR then the new ATI cards look really hot for it. So my suggestion is wait untill there's more reviews and availabilty of the new ATi stuff before buying a 7800gt which untill a few days ago would have been the definate suggestion.

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