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Thread: reccomend me a trackball

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    Question reccomend me a trackball

    need a really good trackball for CAD and graphics work, oh and of course a bit of gaming

    im currently looking at the Logitech Marble Mouse ( ), Microsoft Trackball Explorer ( ), Logitech Cordless TrackMan Optical ( ), and the Macally (QBALL) Trackball ( but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    (links to dealtime for illustation purposes only )

    thanks in advance

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    Microsoft (sad but true )do make some excellent track balls i use to use one myself for 3D work. very well ergonomically designed. I would strongly suggest going to try some out as badly fitting ones to your hand will soon bring on RSi of your thumb

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    Cheap but effective - Logitech mouseman marble
    Pro use (used one for a while, but couldn't get on with it) or (liked it, but broke easily)
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    I've had a logitech marble mouse for years, I've tried replaceing it with,optical, wireless, and various others over the years, but they just get chucked in the corner after a few days & the trusty logitech comes back out of its box!

    I do prefer the one with the ball in the middle, I find it easier
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