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Thread: thermalright SI 97 mounting help

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    thermalright SI 97 mounting help

    Okay do i use the shim or not?
    The instructions say yes but the web site says it can build up heat and not to.
    Also when applying thermal paste do i still just use a pea size amount on the cpu when looking at the web site they smother the bottom of the heatsink to?

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    I believe the shim is there for instances where the heatsink might not quiet fit without it.

    Some P4 motherboard have excpetionally tall capacitors on the VRM part of the motherboard, located right next to the processor socket. If you can mount the heatsink on the processor without using the shim and the heatsink does not touch anything else apart from the top of the processor, I would leave it out.

    You need to make sure that there is a covering of thermal paste on the processor, but don't cover it like you're spreading peanut butter on toast.

    The thermal paste is designed in part to make up for the surface of the processor and the heatsink not being completely flat, ie it is there to ensure maximum surface contact, so you are meant to put a small amount on, and spread it evenly.

    Too much (more than a thin layer) and it is less efficient.

    Too little (bare bits) and it will be less efficient.
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    I put the shim in, to stop myself nackering the processor should I slip. doesnt make a great deal of difference, because its away from the core...


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