What would you recommend?

I'm building this one for a m8 and i'll need a case, psu, mb, ram, processor; some kind of 3d card but nothing flash as he doesn't really game on the PC.

I'd prolly think of:

A cheap Athlon 64 (preferably a good clocker tho)
1 gig of ram, value will do it (corsair?)
Asus A8N MB (not sure if i can go for premium so maybe a lower spec)
Cheap watercooling kit (got one in mind for 60 quid) - objective: quiet
2 x ~150gb drives for SATA RAID (so requirement for mb)
PSU: really not sure on this one need recommendations - value for money etc. Modular nice tho..
case: something with a side window nice, he's not going to be that bothered tho.
9700 Pro or sim for the card?