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Thread: Mass Hardware Failure

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    Mass Hardware Failure - HELP!

    Much Help and Sympathy required.

    Just had a few things die on me...first things first. My Graphics Card dies on me. Well I say die, but it did it in a Jesus manner, revived when put into a different PC. Then I switch it back, thinking I hadn't installed it correctly, nope, same image distortion.
    So its the PC, right?, well nope. I put a trusty Radeon 7500 in and all ok. So wtf is goin on?

    Then my modem/router goes on strike. Lose all net connectivity. Then my camera doesn't want to turn on. Great. Then realised it had a distinct lack of battery. Bugger.

    Right, my dillema is this, what graphics card shall i buy to replace the semi knackered Radeon 9600xt. I was thinking 9800, but then that has been superseeded by the x700. (I did look at the x800 considering they are down to just over £100 for PCI-E, but theyre still at around 200 for AGP )

    Having not been with NVidia since the days of the TNT2, I have absolutely no clue whats comparable, but the 6600 sounded in teh right range. So Which should I get?


    EDIT - Is there any great difference between the 6800 and 6800GT that a bit of overclocking won't fix? Can't see the point of the £100 difference in Price?
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    6600gt would be your best bet for your price range, but have alook on fleabay for a cheapo 6800gt

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    If u dont insist on gaming with every single detail turned on then 6600Gt or 6700 would do nicely.
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