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Thread: case combo recomends please

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    case combo recomends please

    Hi all
    Looking to build a pc for the daughter and thought this would do but unfortunatly sold out
    Anyone recomend me something of the same type nice colour case with hopefully side window and psu that i could install my spare parts in?
    btw she will only be using it to network to mine and surf the net
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    The scan one looks really nice and its made from steel for £32 no wonder they sold out. I was going to say a Chenbro gaming bomb but i dont think they come with psus. Ebuyer dont have much that fits the bill. Aria have one for £32 in blue called a warriors gamers case but maybe a bit too boying for a lass. Kinda looks like a Transformer on the front. Too be honest the original Scan B32 one seems to be the best id be tempted to drop them a note on their forum and see if they are getting some back in stock too much white maybe?? no window either still looks nice maybe a bit pricey

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