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Thread: SB51G AGP NO Video

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    SB51G AGP NO Video

    Hi guys

    Had this problem for a while now, but only just got round to look at it again. I have 2 known good work AGP video cards, that work with out a problem in my sb61g2.

    they are

    ati 900
    gforce fx 5500

    But how ever when installed in to the sb51g with the on board video disabled, they will not work no video what so ever. Also the fx5500 has a built in fan, this doesnt even turn, it seem like there is no power getting to the agp slot.

    I have taken the unit a part a few times, making sure all conectors are reseated correctly.

    Has anyoen else got any ideas or have had this problem. Also there seems to be a problem with onboard video aswell, im not using this as im using a usb audio device.

    any clues would be greatfull, the kids driving me mad to play games on it



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    Have you enabled the AGP slot in your system BIOS?

    If not then your computer has not been told to enable the AGP slot... so of course your video card(s) will refuse to function!

    You can download an instruction manual in PDF format from Shuttles website support area, but basically you need to reconnect your monitor on the onboard video connector, boot up and enter the BIOS (by holding down DEL at POST) and look through your BIOS options to find, and enable, the AGP slot.

    Your BIOS may also require you to specify the card size, 64Mb, 128Mb Etc.

    Then exit from the BIOS and save the changes when prompted.

    The computer will reboot. When it has done so you should power it down completely and then fit the video card of choice and connect your monitor to it.

    When you reboot you will be running from the AGP device. Fitting an AGP device cancels the onboard video automatically.

    These steps should get you up and running.

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