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Thread: Opinions On Upgrade

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    Opinions On Upgrade

    Ok, there are a few threads around like this but haven't seen one quite like what I need. Only just got my current set up and thats a

    3700+ San Diego @ 2.6
    1GB GeiL Ultra-X
    Asus A8N-SLI
    and various other things

    But the opportunity has come about where I can change a few things mainly

    Opty 146 (at some point if anybody ever actually gets them in stock)
    2 GB Mushkin RAM (just value stuff)

    Changing to all this would only cost me an extra £30 once I have sold all the other parts, the only thing that really gets me is the CPU, I have been hearing a lot of people go on about how potent the Opty is for overclocking but is there much risk in not getting it to hit the same speeds as I have got with the San Diego?
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    I dont see a point, honestly, cause at best the Opty from later batch will use Sandy core, and u r using a Sandy. Why change ??? I guess u could reach 2.7-2.8 on that CPU with decent cooling, no ? If u really in to ocing then the DFI is recommended, i love DFI mobo
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