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Thread: Which Hard Drive?...

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    Which Hard Drive?...


    I’m in need for some extra space, so I’m looking forward in obtaining a new Hard Drive. My M/B doesn’t support Serial ATA & I don’t want to buy a SATA converter, so I’ve come down to choosing one of these three IDE HDs:

    Western Digital WD3200 Caviar SE – 7200RPM – 8MB Cache – 320GB – 179 Euros

    Sea Gate Barracuda Ultra ATA 7200 – 8MB Cache – 250GB – 125 Euros

    MAXTOR 300R0 300GB - ATA133 BULK – 7200RPM - 16MB Cache - 300GB – 135 Euros

    I’ve used WD & SeaGate HD before & they’re both very reliable, even though SeaGate is supposed to be a bit more silent.
    I’ve never used Maxtor before, but with 16MB Cache, 300GB @ 135 Euros, it looks like a better buy.
    Is Maxtor silent like the Seagate & is it reliable?

    So which one should I get?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've always used Maxtor in my home PC's and never had any problems with them. I've also used WD's at work and they're also very good. Never used Seagate, heard some good and some bad about them.

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