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Thread: Mic ecoing

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    Mic ecoing

    Lo all, im having a prob with my mic. When im talking over vent or in game, people tell me they can hear echoing, like they can hear me typing, and even hear themselves. Im using headphones plugged in one port and mic into another. Ive never had the prob before so im guessing a settings has been changed somewhere.

    Could you guys gimme some ideas as too what is causing this, ive had a look in sound audio devices and cant really see what could be wrong..

    Hope you can help
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    Feedback and echo usually occurs like this:

    You speak through your own mic --> Your voice then comes out of another players speakers --> Noise (in this case, your voice) from the other players speakers is picked up by this persons mic --> This then comes back out through your own speakers, sounding like an echo.

    Your echo is most likely caused by your mic constantly picking up sound. You need to assign a hot-key - a key you hold down when you want to speak and let go of when you've finished.

    I hope this helps as it's kinda hard to explain.
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