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Thread: Memory and PSU Question - Which to buy

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    Memory and PSU Question - Which to buy

    Which of these should I buy? The Samsung one looks good but I'm not sure if its worth spending the extra to get the Geil. I want to overclock a 3000+ Venice and flash and clock a PCI-E Sapphire GTO2 256mb.

    Also, which PSU should I buy for my system? I'm going to have:

    3000+ Venice (OC to 2.5ghz at 1.6v hopefully)
    2gb RAM
    X800GTO2 (Flash + OC to XT speeds)
    Asrock DualSata
    200gb Sata Harddrive

    I've seen these on Scan. Any good?


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    £26 ish sounds to cheap for a decent 600+ psu. I have heard of colors IT stuff and its definatly aimed at those on a budget, might want to see if u can find a review of how stable they are and how much they have on the 12v rail. To be honest u could im prtty sure get away with something in the 480W range. for a say £10 more you could probably get a hiper (not a big fan of them but people have them on here and like em), Akasa or Enermax all of which i would expect to be better options a tagan would cost another 20 or so but maybe worth it?
    Geil i would think would be a better O/Cer. One thing i did notice was the samsung says 2gb in 1g sticks, then further down it says "Motherboard must be able to take 512 MB in each slot" maybe its just a type but its a bit of a daft one to make.

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