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Thread: Please say I got a good stepping- CANBE 0544

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    Please say I got a good stepping- CANBE 0544

    After time and time yurning for a CPU, I finally gave in to an ebay auction for a CANBE 0540. I presumed (it being CANBE) that it will be good. A simple search shows one person had no luck with overclocking.

    I knew I was going to get a bad stepping, worse thing is , its now in stock at a online retailer . I havent recieved the cpu yet.

    Im hoping if you guys can shed more light to the CPU's stepping.

    Thank you.

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    do you mean canbe or cabne as the cabnes seem to be awesome, havnt got an opteron myself but head to this thred (its in the smartshopping bit) and they are singing the praises of cabne 05 ssomething or others and so it looks like you might have got a real winner.

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