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Thread: PC build views

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    PC build views

    I'm thinking of build a PC. The main use will be online gaming (mainly MOHAA, CoDUO and CoD2) but also looking at a bit of future proofing. I'd appreciate some views on the following

    Is the better option

    A high end single core, but expensive, CPU (eg FX57) and a mid range graphics card,

    a lower specced CPU (eg 3500 or lower) and a top end, but expensive, graphics card,

    either of the above in SLi setup with 2 graphics cards, or

    should I be thinking of a dual core CPU?


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    If you want to future proof it, then go dual core, gaming may not take much advantage of it now, but it most probably will in the future. If you're looking to spend the amount of an FX57, which is about £730 (@ Scan) then with that money you could get an X2 4800+, costing £570 saving you about £160.

    Just go for an SLi motherboard and one 7800GTX or GT, then buy another one when games don't run so well on just one 7800GTX.

    Hope this helps.

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    Unless you have money to burn, don't go with SLI. You get better value going with 1 x £300 card than with 2 x £150 cards. If you do have money to burn, go for 2 x 7800GTX 512's as there is nothing above those.
    The thing about "being able to buy another one later" - try looking for a 6800GT now ... the only way to guarantee that a second card will be available is to buy a second card now and just don't use it until you want it!!!!

    I've gone through about 5 upgrades over the years, and there's not really such a thing as 'future proofing' as the next great CPU will need a new motherboard and therefore new RAM etc too.

    My honest advice is to buy a balanced, affordable system that will play the games you want now. In about 2 or 3 years time, get a new CPU/motherboard/RAM combo and ebay your current setup.
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    Thanks guys

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