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Thread: CoD2\A64 related question

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    CoD2\A64 related question

    There is a patch out for CoD2 which is called the "HTT" Patch, referring to Hyper-Threading.

    I have CPU-Z and under HTT in the Clocks section is has "201.0 MHz". Does this mean it has Hyper Threading and I can use this patch and get a performance increase?

    I've not been keeping up to date with CPU technology of late. As far as I was aware only P4s have Hyper-Threading, am I wrong?

    P.S. This is on a A64 3700 S939 San Diego.


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    As far as I know my San Diego doesn't support Hyper Threading, I do believe it's only Pentiums (like you said).

    The HT you refer to is something totally different (Hyper Transport I think). Is the patch official?
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    HTT is not hyper threading technology and if it was id stop buying amd's tbh
    only intels suport hyper threading and thats probally a patch to do with intels and the way cod2 uses the 2 cores of a single core ht cpu
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