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Thread: A new shuttle

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    A new shuttle

    Lo all,

    I am interested in getting myself a shuttle pc (or 2) primarily for a download box. After speaking to a few other guys in the forums, it seems a pretty good idea to have just a dedicated box for downloading.

    Money is tight at the moment, but my requirements are nice looking and quiet as possible. I would like to squeeze around a 1tb of storage in it so whats the cheapest price i can get one for ?


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    Shuttles are not the cheap way to go. They are the best and as such you pay for it.

    If you want something small and cheap (and not so good looking IMO) the Antec Aria is not too bad. SFF in general is more espensive than full/mid-tower boxes.

    What kind of budget are you working with, and do you want just one or two?

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