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Thread: Computer Slow down...

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    Computer Slow down...

    Yesturday i installed a Zalman Aero Flower heat sink

    which is massive and really good. While i had my computer on my desk i noticed how much dust had gotten in.

    So I thought I would just re build it give the inside of the case a good clean, in the places i couldnt get to. It really needed it there was a lot clumps of dudst.
    After installation i thought right just turn it on and all will be well, got into windows and my creative audigy platinum had stopped being recognised but thats no shock as its happened alot. I took it out and used my Onboard card as i was busy revising for an exam and needed some music. Now i was getting BSOD's !! randomly then afver about 15 restarts i realised it was my network cable was plugged into the nvidia NIC on my motherboard which it seems to hate! so i put it in the old Marvell one whay we are back in bussiness. BUT my pc is now pretty slow to start up, it holds for a few seconds at the "Welcome Screen" then takes 30 seconds to even load the first program in the start up!
    I only have 7programs in my Startup list and this is really annoying me now - i cant understand why its going so much slower.

    You guys got any suggestions to what is causing it?
    sorry about all the baffle, kind of seemed relivant.


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      • Graphics card(s):
      • 7850 2GB
      • PSU:
      • Seasonic SS-1050XM
      • Case:
      • Coolermaster elite 120(Modd)
      • Monitor(s):
      • BenQ EW2430
    Did you clean the audigy drivers after going back to onboard?

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    Disable the network card you are not using in the BIOS. If you use the Marvell disable the nVidia. Your system is probably looking for networks that don't exist. Also, check to make sure all of your network hardware is configured properly. Make sure your computer has a proper IP, gateway IP and that the DNS info is present and correct.

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