I posted this on OcUK but I didn't get many responses so I'll have a go here.

Since I came back home from the Xmas break my pc won't overclock anymore. Everytime I set the FSB even to 201mhz the pc reboots itself after the "Memory runs in dual channel mode" message. Previously I had the FSB at 230mhz and was working fine for months.

Heres my spec:

P4 540 3.2
1gb Geil Value DDR
Gigabyte 8I915P Duo Pro
80Gb+200Gb Maxtor SATA drives
Gainward 7800GT
Leadtek DTV1000 T
Enermax Liberty 500W

Any ideas whats wrong? Cheers.

P.S I tried Easytune 5 to OC and although CPU-Z says its overclocked when I run the CSS video stress test I get the same FPS as before the overclock