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Thread: Intel drops "Pentium"

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    Mike Fishcake

    Intel drops "Pentium"

    Came across this on [H]

    About time too - I mean, how many different revisions of chips have there been under one name?

    Original Pentium
    Pentium Pro
    MMX Pentium
    PIII slot
    PIII flipchip
    P4 socket 423(?)
    P4 socket 478
    P4 LGA775

    not to mention all the different revisions in between such a coppermine, tualatin, northwood and so on, and all the other ones I've forgotten about, which no doubt I'll be reminded of

    IMHO, the "intel inside" logo was more well known than the Pentium name anyway.
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    Well since Pent-ium meant 5th series (ie 808x = series 1, 2xxxx = series 2, 386 = series 3, 486 = 4) - it should have gone a long while ago....

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