Im thinking of buying a Silverstone Sugo mATX case. The only problem is it has a very small 60mm exhaust fan.

I'd be running it probably with an AMD 64 4000+ and a 7800 GTX (possibly the 512MB version), with all of this in im seriously thinking that there will be a problem with the heat.

I was wondering if I bought two extra fans and put them on the two sides of the case would help, I'd position them so one was blowing directly onto the GPU and another on to the CPU, i don't need to worry about the PSU as it has its own fan.

Would this help lower the temp or would I still need a good exhaust fan? There is a space on top of the case with a place ready for a fan that I could use as an exhaust but only fits another tiny 60mm fan.

Any advise as to what I should do would be appreciated.