so i was having this display problem which i finally solve but i am still not sure what is the cause. Anyway when i turn on my computer the window screen start loading but when it switch to the screen which is supose to show "Loading you personal settings" it was just blank. i waited for a long time but finally nothing came up. So i restarted into safe mode and change the display to the lowest and change the startup to diagnostic mode. After making those changes i was able to boot windws normally.

Slowly i tested so see which of the software is causing the problem. First i change the resolution from 600x400 to 800x600 then from 800x600 to 1024x768. Everytime after changing something i restart the computer. Well the resolution seems to be okie so i started enabling the services. After testing all of it, there is no problem with any of the service or startup software or driver. I set the msconfig back to the normal startup setting and tried restarting and windows load up fine this time.

Can someone help me out? mabye it's my hardware?