Thought I'd just post to say I am finally begining to like my sli-dr Expert board. I had a number of issues with it have been rather vocal lately about DFI but reading through the threads on DFI Street forums & at bleedingedge ocz support forums things are starting to look up.

The 12/07 bios is not as bad as I thought as long as I use Big Toe's bios settings with it, the wierd behavior (cold boots, ps2 mouse etc) has gone.

My Opty 146 is now overclocked back to 3ghz again & is 12hours prime stable.

My Rma'd Seasonic S12 600w psu is behaving itself. (well done Scan for the superfast turn around on this, but can i have my postage back please )

My Samsung Spinpoint 250g is now showing it's proper size & is being detected in the correct mode, LBA.

I really do think the learning curve on this board is much MUCH steeper than previous DFI boards & i just hope that the user effort put in is rewarded, so far it seems to be.