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Thread: Dual Monitor Setup???????

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    Dual Monitor Setup???????

    Can somebody help me here please. If a graphics card has two outputs, how easy is it to say have one monitor displaying the internet and one displaying a game, or alternativley is it easy to switch between the two: i.e use one @ one resolution and switch to the other at a different resolution (at different times)

    EXAMPLE: Monitor 1 dell 24" LCD runs WOW @ 1900 x 1200 on 6800gt, but to play f.e.a.r need to switch to Monitor 2 Mitsibishi 19" CRT @1024 x 768, is it simple as long as gfx card has two outputs???????????????

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    No. Unfortunately current software means that you can have two programs open on both windows, but if one is fullscreen it will minimise as soon as you click on the others. What I did when I had 2 monitors was ran any game possible in windowed mode, be it by a reg hack or simply in the options menu.

    On a side note, I really enjoy PC games. I thought 2 monitors would be neat and conveniant. However it becomes frustrating and cumbersome after a while, and really decreases immsersion. This is merely my opinion, and I am aware of some people who swear by multi monitor setups.

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    I use a dual monitor and will often have a game in one and MSN/iTunes in the other. Thing is, like FLuff_eei says, once you click away from the game, it minimises. When you maximise it again, it seems to slow the game down... (i.e. if I keep switching between BF2 and MSN, BF2 gets slower and slower).
    Also, the cursor sometimes wanders on to the other screen and gets lost.
    It's not worth it for games IMO, because theres simply no real useful functionality to it (takes more out of your graphics card, too).
    However, for non-gaming use, I really would be lost without my two monitors!

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