I've recently purchased a Zalman Resterator 1 Plus and plan to put it to work in my current system (P4 3.06Ghz Northwood, 1.5Ghz Corsair TwinX RAM, 6600GT, etc). I'll run it at stock speeds for starters and then plan to overclock if all goes well. I'll ask for some advice (if I may!!!) about overclocking as I haven't OCed for a while but as I say I won't be doing anything yet.

My question is - if I change my motherboard, CPU and Graphics Card in time, what is the fastest processor (not OCed) I can get away with safely if I continue to use the Resterator 1???? I appreciate that the Resterator isn't the best but it is quiet and this is the main reason for buying it.

Any thoughts?