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Thread: Which memory to buy?

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    Which memory to buy?

    which memory should i buy?

    £135 + VAT Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2 (MY-079-CS) (2-3-3-6)

    £129 + VAT G.Skill 2GB DDR ZX PC3200 (2x1GB) CAS2 Dual Channel Kit (F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX) (MY-007-GS) (2-3-2-5)
    £125 + VAT G.Skill 2GB DDR HZ PC4000 (2x1GB) CAS3 Dual Channel Kit (F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ) (MY-008-GS) (3-4-4-8)

    Currently running my opteron 146 at 250 x 10 (with memory on a 12 divider) - but the processor will go up to 300 x 10 (where it gets a little hot with stock cooling)

    Also, if i run at 275 x 10, i have to reduce the ht multiplier - does this slowdown in ht result in slower system performance? at 250 x 10 i can run at 4x so ht is at correct speed.


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    Why not run the processor at 300x10 and the ram at a 2/3 divider? That is way faster than 250x10 1:1. The difference running at memory at 2:3 at 200mhz to 1:1 at 300mhz is probably equivalent to 50mhz extra cpu speed at the most?

    I personally would just buy corsair value ram and spend the spare cash on getting a better graphics card. If you really want to buy the ram anyway I heard good things about both of those G.skill kits, the zx responds pretty well to voltage so if you've got a dfi board that is worth a look.

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    • kalniel's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra
      • CPU:
      • Intel i9 9900k
      • Memory:
      • 32GB DDR4 3200 CL16
      • Storage:
      • 1TB Samsung 970Evo+ NVMe
      • Graphics card(s):
      • nVidia GTX 1060 6GB
      • PSU:
      • Seasonic 600W
      • Case:
      • Cooler Master HAF 912
      • Operating System:
      • Win 10 Pro x64
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell U2311H
      • Internet:
      • rubbish
    Wow they've come down. I'd go with the cheapest, which also happens to have the highest speed rating so that's cool.

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