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Thread: Asus A8N5X PSU requirements

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    Question Asus A8N5X PSU requirements


    I'm thinking of buying a new motherboard as I fear mine has died following a failed bios update - It failed while using winflash to flash my bios then, turning it on later on in the day it came up with a BIOS checksum error, although it let me run award's dos bios flasher it started updating then hung.

    I'm thinking of getting an Asus A8N5X socket 939 board but am currently running a PSU with a 20 pin power connector which works fine on my current 24 pin ECS A939 board. Does anyone know if this will work the same on the Asus board or would I need to buy a new PSU as well?



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    sounds bad the flash utility may have an 'ignore current bios and flash anyway' flag, I know i had to use it when flashing my bios saviour after switching the machine its in. May be worth a shot.

    It will probably work, originally most manufacturers of s939 boards said either a 20 or 24 pin PSU was required, then gradually they all started telling everyone a 24 pin was essential. My DFI SLI-D ran fine on a 20 pin for a couple of months until I read info on DFI street, then switched to a 24 pin.


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