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    DVD Media

    Whats the best high quality single write DVD out there? I'm currently using some Bulkpaq ones but they seem to be getting quite a few errors. I'm very impressed with the verbatim CD-R's I've got. Do verbatim do good DVD media too?

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    What burner u using? and what are u burning if I may ask?

    Verbatim usually do good media but it all depends on where they were made and what dye was used. I think Ritek G04 dye was supposed to be one of the better ones but the G05 is out now so imm guessing thats better. Data write used to be a good brand for reliability but in an emergency i got some from hmv - Sony branded ones and they have been perfect tho u can get better deals from somewhere like SVP. Tayo Yuden dye had a reputation for being good but they used to be hard to get hold off - SVP has them tho. Anyway I reckon if u get these u wont go far wrong I got a 50 pack of these and they were all fine. Hope that helps

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