Hi all,

Not sure if this belongs here but as its a (sort of) technical/hardware enquiry it doesn't seem to fit too well in the PDA/phone section. I'll post it there too so if any of the mods want to shift or kill this version please do so

Basically just as the title says. I've got a Yakumo Delta X PDA that has a mini-USB port, an SD IO slot and no bluetooth.

Being the gadget fiend I am, I want to connect it to my computerised telescope (surely everyone has one, right?), which has a standard phone-style serial plug on it. I've got the serial connector for my laptop already, but I really want to get the pocketPC to connect too.

Anyone know how I could go about this without spending a fortune?! Don't seem to be any mini USB adapters available and the SD IO solution (bluetooth plus a bluetooth serial adapter on the other end) is definitely very costly!

Thanks for any info!