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Thread: cooling etc.

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    cooling etc.

    have got a case wth some fans in, 2 in 1 out, just generic that came wth the case, when i switch on my poota the gfx card fan doesnt work (radeon 9000) so i just giv it a bit of gentle persuasion and it starts, but when it starts the last fan in line flickers, does this mean my psu isnt gd enough? (350w qtech) also my mobo runs at around 30 and my cpu 50, these seem high is this because of air inside the case? amd 1600+ Tt volcanoe 9, ASUS A7V8X

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    Sounds pretty much like your PSU, what happens if you unplug one (or both) of the other 2 fans which work, does the 9000 fan start on its own ? does the other flicker ?
    I know quite a few people on here don't seem to like Qtec PSU's
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