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Thread: HDD Setup

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    HDD Setup

    So I finally gave in and ordered a 74GB Raptor to accompany my 250GB Samsung, but here's my question:

    How should I set these up?

    Obviously the OS should go on the Raptor and my larger files should go on the Samsung, but what about games, applications and the Windows Swap File?

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    Id put your documents and music etc. on the Raptor, and have the Windows Swap File and games/apps on the Samsung. But then I have a lot of music (about 65gbs or so), so I guess it might be a bit bare if you don't have a lot of documents.
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    I have Windows/apps on my Raptor and data on my regular drive. Works for me and it's not like I need high speed access to Red Dwarf on a regular basis.

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