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Thread: NF7-S Problem

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    Question NF7-S Problem

    Right, i bought a new Abit NF7-S motherboard, an Xp2500 and 512Mb of ram.

    I put it all in an old case with some old HD's, CD's and Geforce 2 GTS.

    Last week it was fine and booted into knoppix fine (so no installation needed just yet). i took out the GXF card to put it back in my shuttle (so that i had a working desktop till my Herc9800SE arrived).

    Tonight i put the Geforce back in the server machine, turn it on and all i get is a second long beep every 4 seconds or so. the lights on the MB all come on when it is turned on. All of the fans come to life (i mean all of them, PSU, CPU, NB and GXF card).

    I did smell some burning, so turned it off straight away but couldn't narrow down where the burning came from.

    But it does the same series of beeps every time i power on, pulled out all of the drives, took out the gxf card, still the same.

    Anyone have any ideas? I know it's a bit of a long shot, but i really don't want to have to buy any new hardware (and i wouldn't know where to start as i can't see any indication of what is actually not working). I hope it is the GFX card cos i can get another pretty cheap.

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    The Beeps

    A certain combination of beeps means different things such as RAM or graphics card. It should tell you what the beeps mean in your motherboard manual.

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    It should tell you what the beeps mean in your motherboard manual.
    if your mobo is 5 years old, maybe, but ive not seen any recent ones with the leep codes listed.. the paper costs too much... find out which type of bios you have (nf7-s is both award and phonix based iirc - bleep codes are award though) and search on google

    this site has them on...

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