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Thread: CD/DVD printing

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    CD/DVD printing

    I'm looking for a CD/DVD inkjet printer that doesn't cost the Earth. I have an Epson R300 but lost the CD tray and to be honest hated using it for CDs anyway (centering images was appallingly difficult).

    The only sensibly priced non-Epson solution I can find is the Canon Pixma IP-4200, does anyone have any experience of this and can tell me how the CD printing works and (most importantly) how well? I don't want to pay £800 for a dedicated CD printer but would rather hand write labels than put up with uncentered images.

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    I have used Canon cd printers excessively for a while now and have been very happy on the whole... BUT.... they have cost a lot more than you would think. You may see it and think whooppee print cartridges are really cheap but be warned that the print head is seperate from the heads which means that when the finish you have to fork out the £70 odd for another one, which in my experience is about ever two sets of carts. So I hadn't realised this and when my first canon printer (iP4000) ran out, I sold it on eBay for £60 and bought a new one for £90, so only costing me £30 rather than the full £70 for a print head - but it was a lot of effort and trouble. I am now on my third pixma printer, although this time an iP5200 simply because although they end up be expensive they are great printers - reliable, duplex printing, dual paper trays, disc printing etc... and they look good!

    The cd printing via the supplied software is easy and definitely centered, and provided you give it the right disc measurements you get an excellent image on it. It is fairly quick and easy.

    There is one significant flaw which is every time you print a disc, you have to start printing the image from the computer, then open the disc tray slot on the printer, put the disc in the tray, put the tray in the printer, line it up with an arror, then go to the computer and press print on the menu that will by now have popped up to say it's ok to go ahead. You get used to it, but it can be irritating if you are just printing a lot of the same thing repetitively.

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