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Thread: Decent keyboard/mouse that also looks good ? white or alu preferably. Sad i know...

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    Decent keyboard/mouse that also looks good ? white or alu preferably. Sad i know...

    Ok, sad thread I know. BUT...

    Currently putting together a new system. Missus is ok with me spending a bit of money as long as all the messy bits are hidden out of sight and what's in sight looks good !

    Hey she's paying for some of it so I have to let her have some input ! She'll have to use it for her beloved iTunes

    Anyway, she quite likes the Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse. I don't mind them for basic use but I'm thinking I'd need to also get a decent corded mouse for gaming and I don't really know if the apple keyboard would be up to the job either.

    So... anyone know of a keyboard and mouse that would be a good compromise. Or am I just better keeping the apple stuff for her and swapping it over for an ugly but better suited set for gaming ?

    Any and all opinions welcomed. Apart from ones that tell me I'm under the thumb. I know...

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    take a look at logitech keyboards and mice, they have some nice ones, possibly mx3000 or mx5000?

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