Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes....

Whats up with this product? Im confused. In January i tried searching the net for this so i could buy it (in England) and i couldnt find it anywhere except 1 etailer which said it will be in stock 14th Feb, so i assumed it wasent out in England yet...14th came and then it said 14th March instead.....checked again about 25th Feb and it had vanished off that site and i couldnt find it anywhere else. Ive just looked again and i cant find anywhere selling it. I saw a link here on the hexus forums, to PC world who are selling it. Now the link works and that product is about £59.97 but its out of stock...the thing i cant understand is that if i search PC worlds site for MX3100 it doesnt find it! PLUS about 2 weeks ago (before checking here and seeing that its available on their site) i went into PC world and looked...couldnt see it so i asked if they knew whe it was coming out. The guy checked on their system and said there was no record of PC world having ever sold it, or of it coming out any time in the near future!!! It didnt seem weird at the time, but now i see its available on their site, it certainly does! SO the bottom line is, is the one on that link ( ) the correct one (as it seems cheap - i thought it was around 80 quid) and does anyone know anywhere else its available???

Thanks alot,