Had this graphics card installed for not quite 24 hours now, upgraded from a 6800 AGP 128MB, 12 pipe vanilla version.
My brother will be having that for £60, and i think i'll miss it. More than anything, the arctic cooler fan was good.
This new one, well, i'm not so sure - i guess I am trying to justify the £128 I spent, although it'll end up £70 on balance, and so far things are largely fine.
Battlefield 2 plays alot better - I increased the res from 1440 x 900 to 1680 x 1050 (my monitor's natural res) and upped most of the effects - only a couple (inc textures) are on medium, and it looks and plays very nice. FEAR equally has taken a few notches up and looks nicer.....
The problem is .... that's about it. Games that I could play before, i can play now looking a bit nicer. I wonder if it's really worth £70 for that? Plus there are 2 outright problems - 1 is the fan on it is a bit crap. It's actually silent (thankfully) in 2d windows, but has a constant whir in games - it's not THAT bad, but just so much more noticable than my last fan - i really hope someone supports this card soon and i'll change it.
Hand in hand with that is that RivaTuner (2.0, RC 15.8) no longer has hardly any options in it. I uninstalled & re-installed to build a new database, but i can no longer increase core / mem speeds or set options for fan speeds based on temperatures. I suppose it's again that the 7600GT is so new it's not supported in the current release.

So all in all am I happy?
Well I sound like a right moaner if I'm not happy, considering I have a very nice graphics card, but next time I think i'll wait before getting another impulse buy. Or maybe I'll just stop reading all these review websites who tell me about the latest and greatest pieces of technology...... nah.