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Thread: Anyone got a MSI Neo4 PLatinum?

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    Anyone got a MSI Neo4 PLatinum?

    Just tried to overclock my bros 3200 venice. I put the fsb up to 230 and ram to 1T instead of 2T and pressed F10 to save, next thing i know the screen go black and im getting no picture with the monitor light flashing green.

    Also, does anyone know how to overclock this cpu using this mobo. Everytime i do anything i get a crash aftera while. Everything is running super col, just got new corsair XMS ram, 2 gigs for it yesterday. Brand new 580 watt hiper. 7800GT. Jsut wanna get something out of the cpu as i feel its bottlenecking it at stock speed

    Any ideas lads?
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    Firstly you'll probably need to reset the cmos in order for it to boot.

    To eliminate the ram as cause of non-bootage!..

    I assume you have the RAM installed in the slots near the CPU? Think they must be there to allow you to use 1T.

    Right, now you need to change the memclock index value(you'll find this in cell menu ->dram config) to DDR333 (166). This puts a divider on the RAM and allows it to be run at the same timings and around about DDR400 when you increase your fsb to 230. Alternatively you could leave the memclock index value set to DDR400 (200) and try loosening the timings, although each set of ram overclocks differently and for now your best just using a divider.

    Then drop the HT from 5x (or auto) to 4x (if you go higher than 250fsb you'll need to drop it to 3x).

    Then try increasing your fsb, and post back with your results.


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