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Thread: Economy rig for 600 ish (no case/psu/monitor/os/hdd)

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    Economy rig for 600 ish (no case/psu/monitor/os/hdd)

    Hey I was kind of looking to buy a new rig. I haven't picked out a case, psu, or monitor yet. I have an os and plenty of hard drives. So far I was considering:

    Mobo - ASRock 775Dual-880Pro

    Video Card - X1600XT (I want the dual output for when I eventually get a new High def tv)

    CPU - P4 641 (3.2 Ghz 800Mhz fsb )

    RAM - pqi DDR2 667 PC5400 x2

    any comments or ideas would be appreciated. i know a lot of people have told me dont go with that socket(T/775), that i want to be future proof, but to be honest i would rather buy a new rig at that point so i can keep the old running. let me know what you think though!

    edit: added the x2 for ram

    edit2: the dual output i really want, but i would be okay if they are both d-sub, one doesn't have to be dvi. I can probably spend up to 750 for this stff, but no more.

    another thing, do you guys have any suggestions for monitors? I think I am leaning towards CRT because you can get much better resolutions, and more bang for your buck. but let me know what you guys think. LCD is nice for moving it but i would rather go for the better gaming experience, i dont care too much about moving it as i dont do it all that often.

    if you guys have any ideas for a complete rig (minus hdd and OS) that would be fine too. I still need a case/psu just figured i could find that myself.
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