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Thread: SN26P Questions and Tips

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    Exclamation SN26P Questions and Tips

    1. The sound coming out of my shuttle isnt very loud although i have turned up everything in the driver. Ive reinstalled the driver like 8 times that doesnt work. is there a diffrent driver not from shuttle i can get? i have some Family Envy (audio Deck)

    2. I have a X1900 Ati All In wonder, and i was wondering if the shuttle could handle it ive heard of people having x1800's in there shuttles, the reccomended power is for the x1900 450W i dunno what the x1800 is but the shuttle only has 350W.
    Is it possible to have a normal power supply in the shuttle? It looks as if it would fit but i din't try of course. The power supply sucks it over heats so i went into bios and turned all the fans up. If it is possible to swap with a normal power supply tell me.

    my major concern is the sound being so low with everything turned up

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    1. You can use the latest drivers (500b) on Via-Arena, and see if that makes any difference. Be sure to uninstall your existing ones before you install the new ones.

    2. The SN26P is designed to be an SLI system, so I don't see why it can't handle an ATi X1900AIW. The Shuttle PSU's are a lot more powerful than a comparable ATX counterpart and there isn't a reason why you won't be able to run high spec components in there.

    Regarding ATX PSU's, I remember someone actually fitting one in there but it required extensive modding. Most users didn't see a point in it though as the Shuttle PSU was more than enough.

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