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Thread: Looking good: WD740GD Preview

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    Looking good: WD740GD Preview

    Its just a preview, and they seem to think that the release version will be even better (after they enable command queueing).

    But it is looking *very* good even as it is.

    Its not exactly cheap.. But unless you already have SCSI controller card, its still much cheaper than going SCSI. Which wouldn't be much better unless you go for a 15k RPM drive.

    RAID-0 people please read the review. Know what you get from going RAID-0. You get twice the transfer rate, which, as they pointed out, does *not* translate to twice the real world performance (boot up time is the only one which gets close).
    For real world application you'll get ~10% boost.

    If you think thats worth it, then go for it.

    I'd pick a 740GD over 2x360GD personally.. Even though the later provides about 30MB/sec more in terms of transfer rate.
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    Yum, Looks like there is a new Drive on the block that you should get if you want the peak of performance tho.

    Extremely quiet as well from the review.

    "the Raptor WD740GD will rank as one of the most impressive drives we have seen in StorageReview's five-and-a-half year history. Let's hope for the best! "

    Now i'd say that is pretty good recommendation.

    Lets hope it doesn't come in too expensive (expecting £220 odd per drive tho )

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    i will definatly be getting one of these.

    i was debating getting the current raptor, but concluded that 36gb was too small.

    Im up for anything that improves how fast windows boots!
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    Sounds noisey.

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