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Thread: My new laptop...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobuo
    You're right, I'm getting very confused here:

    But then you say:

    I'm not being pedantic or anything, but what that sounds like is MoH is playing well, and BF2 is the same as MoH - playing badly. So obviously I'm getting pretty stuck when trying to gauge your computer's performance (bearing in mind I haven't played either title, and am going by what you're saying). What I'm assuming is that even though BF2 has a similar image quality to MoH, it's giving a bad framerate?

    In any case, since you're now after game recommendations, you'd probably do better in a gaming forum instead of a hardware one.
    lol, sorry.

    Ok here goes...

    BF2 is a new game (2005 or 04)

    MOH is about 1997 ish

    What i was saying is MOH plays perfectly.

    BF2 plays bad and choppy, making the graphics LOOK like MOH graphics, as in they look like graphics from 8 years ago.

    You get me now? It's because i have to have the settings on low for everything on BF2, making them look terrible, but it's still slow in low lol.

    I downloaded the UT2003 demo, played smooth as a babies bottom, in full spec. 2004, played well aswell, but the servers were a little laggy.

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    Yes, we're finally on the same wavelength lol.

    It sounds like this BF2 demo has some crappy code in it, it will probably run a lot better if you tried the finished game as developers address issues like these all the time with patches, updates and the like.

    Anyway, since you're getting nice results with other recent-ish games I'll bet you're a bit happier. If I was you I'd run some benchmarks on your video card and share the scores with a gaming community of some sort, who'll then be able to tell you what FPSs will run enjoyably? I like 3DMark myself, just get the latest version that will run on your machine.

    Of course some people will dislike that idea. Always handy to know some benchmark scores either way.

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