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Thread: Found newer drivers for Logitech MX510 mouse owners

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    Found newer drivers for Logitech MX510 mouse owners

    I dont know why but when you go to logitechs website, and look for the latest drivers for the MX510 it gives you a link to some really old ones

    I found out by chance (i.e. taking one) that the latest drivers for the MX518 and higher
    "Setpoint 2.60" work with the MX510 and it seems to make the mouse a lot smoother
    Im very happy with the results..

    The only thing you need to change to get the extra buttons on the mouse to work properly in games is to follow these instructions.

    - Open SetPoint
    - SetPoint settings > click on back/forward button > select other > Select Function is Generic Buttons

    Let me know what you think of them?
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    Ah thanks, downloaded for my computer to
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